A Letter from your Chairlady

Dear Members,

I hope you are looking forward to the summer and hopefully the promised heatwave will finally arrive in the UK. Time flies by when you have twins, triplets or more. I can’t believe it but my babies will be going to school in September, where have those four and a half years gone…….!!!!!It’s difficult to remember all the great things we have done with the club over the years – especially those early days which are slightly hazy due to all that lack of sleep!!

However I do remember that the Twickenham Twins Club has been a big part of our lives. We have met a lot of other twin mums through the club, at bumps and babies, the playgroup or at one of our socials. What I always really enjoyed is the Wednesday afternoon playgroup where over a cup of coffee I was able to quiz other twin mums about sleep problems, potty training, weaning tips etc. You name it I’ve chatted about it! Everything is different when you have twins or more, and who better to help than a fellow twin mum. They just know what you are going through when you’ve had a rough day, coming to the playgroup with a screaming child in one hand and the other one still sleeping on your shoulder. We have all been there and we all know what it’s like! The Twickenham Twins Club has always provided me with a lot of support, help and information. However the most important thing is that the kids and I have gained some fantastic friends over the years and hopefully will remain so for many more years to come.

So many happy memories over the last few years – The Christmas parties with our fantastic Father Christmas or our Easter egg hunt with very challenging weather conditions, or the kids favourite the summer party – 2 hours fun with their friends. We’ve all loved our time with the club but with Emma and Oliver moving on to a new chapter in their lives so must I. It is therefore time for someone new to take up the mantle so I will be stepping down as Chairlady this summer.

Unfortunately as well as myself leaving the committee sadly the majority of the current committee will be stepping down also as their children begin school in September too. This is not something unusual as committees tend to be made up of parents who joined at a similar time and therefore find themselves moving on at the same time. This happened to me only two years ago when I took over the Twins Club with a brand new committee. I suppose this is the cycle of life but it gives somebody else the chance to work with some lovely twin mums to keep the club going.

image-AGMThe Twickenham Twins Club is a voluntary organisation, run by the mums from the local area over the last 15 years. Sadly we are currently in a position, where if we don’t find any new mums or dads to step up to help to run the club, we will have to close the playgroups and eventually the club. Therefore we are urgently appeal to those of you who feel you have even just a little bit of time to consider joining the committee and taking on or supporting the key roles that are needed to run the club. There are many ways in which you can help the club some of which really don’t take much of your time at all. In particular we desperately need more volunteers right now to help with the opening and closing of our Wednesday afternoon toddler group at the Twickenham Methodist Hall. Even if you can only help out once a month to open and set out toys or tidy up at closing time; we would be very grateful for the extra pair of hands.

If you feel the Twickenham Twins Club has given you something, whether its new friends or just a place to realise that you’re not alone, and you would like to give something back, now is the time! If you can help in any way please get in touch with us before the summer holidays. We are currently in a very difficult position and if we don’t have anybody to follow in the foot-steps of the current committee we will have no other option than to close some or all of the Twickenham Twins club.

Hope you can help.

Wishing you a fun summer and hopefully to many more years of the Twickenham Twins Club,

Your Chairlady,

Petra Aston