An alternative approach to dealing with eczema - Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique

By Fiona Cain

When one of my twin boys, Joshua, was approximately 4 months old, he developed eczema, primarily on his face. This clearly irritated him as he would often rub and scratch at his face, particularly in bed, and make it bleed. The GP said it was infantile eczema, prescribed very large bottles of E45 cream and Oilatum and told us that he would grow out of it by the time he started school. We therefore adopted a new regime of dosing him in E45 cream whenever I changed his nappy and putting Oilatum in the bath. Whilst this helped a little, he continued to suffer with inflamed patches on his face.

A few months after this, we were catching up with some family friends. Their daughter had suffered throughout childhood with very bad eczema, food allergies and asthma. After many years of tests and avoiding foods, together with always having her various inhalers etc to hand, her mother discovered a treatment which had dramatically improved her daughter’s allergies. They also told me about their success with managing one of her twin daughter’s crohn’s disease.

Now, I am generally a traditionalist when it comes to medicine and was slightly dismissive when I was told that it combined oriental medicine principles, chiropractic methods and kinesiology to permanently clear each allergy, but as this was a trusted friend, I was more open than I would otherwise have been. Also at around 4 months, Lewis and Joshua had both developed reflux and had regularly thrown up their milk, such that I would not get dressed before their morning milk as I would usually end up covered in sick and we spent our mornings mopping up the sick off their bedroom carpet.

I took both boys along for their first NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) session last summer. If I had been sceptical before, then this first session sought to confirm my scepticism. Due to their age (and inability to lie still), each of the boys were tested via a carrier and me. As a result, I would sit holding one boy in one arm, whilst holding onto the ankle of the person who was acting as a carrier. The carrier would then hold the allergens and their involuntary reaction would identify what that boy was allergic to. Identifying the allergens was very interesting particularly in relation to their reflux. For example, they both showed an allergy to banana and avocado, which they had both projectile vomited when they had eaten previously.

Once the allergens were identified, the treatment was then carried out again via the carrier and involved something akin to massage and lying on a special mat. Joshua just had to sit and remain in contact with me throughout the treatment, but with a few toys to hand, we managed to do this.

After the treatments, we noticed a sudden improvement in their reflux and also in Joshua’s eczema on his face. Despite having witnessed it first hand, I still remain slightly sceptical about the treatment but in our case, the results speak for themselves. For me, I am pleased that I don’t go to work with sick all down my back and I imagine Joshua feels a lot happier without eczema on his face!