Achieving a delayed start for twins in a Richmond-upon-Thames by Josephine Wyatt

I started looking into the possibility of ‘delaying’ my twin girls last autumn when the deadline for school applications was looming. Being summer born, they would be expected to start at just 4 years and 3 weeks which to me seemed ridiculously young.

After having a very stressful and long drawn out ‘settling in ‘

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Deferring Reception Places by Cara Gant

As parents to August born girl/boy twins we have always been conscious that they would be the youngest in their school year. However it wasn’t really until they spent mornings in the school nursery that we realised that our son didn’t have the same social skills as our daughter. He wouldn’t interact with other children

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How can our club help you?

Just found out you are expecting twins or more?

Are you expecting twins, triplets or more and not sure how your pregnancy will be different or how you will cope when your babies arrive?

Don’t panic! Help is at hand. There are a number of ways we can help:

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Help from national organisations

Tamba Twins and Multiple Births Association

Twickenham Twins Club is affiliated with Tamba, a charity providing support for the families of twins, triplets and higher multiples. Tamba have 2 levels of membership available:

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