Sunday 7th October - Bumps and Babies


7th October at 13:00





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Holiday Recommendations

sun-clipart_1-wt3ukbIf the thought of going on holiday with twins doesn’t exactly get your heart racing with excitement then don’t worry. Help is at hand! We’ve rounded up some of the best online pages out there as well

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Skiing with twins

By Tracey Nichols

Around about this time last year I was contemplating whether or not it was madness or genius to be taking our newly turned 3 year olds skiing.

I was all for re-discovering our travel life

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Summer Outings

We are remarkably lucky in having such a great range of activities nearby, both in London and in the surrounding countryside. There are lots to choose from so we hope you find some good places to visit.


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The Playgroundathon 2012!

With the weather warming up, we thought it would be a good idea to put a list of local playgrounds together so you can “test” them over the summer time. This is not an exhaustive list… we welcome suggestions and improvements to it. Please note

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Great café’s to take your twins

By Twickenham Twins club members

We all know the trials of double buggies, side by side or even tandems can mean having a coffee is a bit difficult. Recently members who were attending the Wednesday playgroup were asked for their opinions on local coffee shops. Do

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