In a slight change to our usual top ten tips, we have asked a number of twin mums some questions about whether they kept their twins together or separated them when they started school. This should give you all some food for thought, particularly for those who’s children are due to start school this September.

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Although the days are cooling down rapidly and the nights are getting longer we all know there is no escaping the parks and playgrounds when you have energetic twins to wear out. So this month our Top Ten Tips looks at the best playgrounds in the area.

As you’ll have seen from the twins of

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Sunshine Café Twickenham Rugby Football Club, South Road, Hampton. TW12 3PE Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm (Twins Club meets here first Monday of the month at 10am)

This lovely playgroup is suitable for all ages and a perfect venue for multiples. There is a ramp up to the entrance so no need to

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Classes for Twins

As the weather starts to turn and the days draw in trying to think of things you can do with your little ones becomes increasingly difficult. So we’ve pulled together some of the best classes and playgroups in the local area to help keep them (and you) amused during those long (or should that be

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Double Buggies

One of the most difficult and expensive decisions we make when we discover we are having twins (or more) is what buggy to buy. They are of course mostly called “travel systems” now probably to justify the eye watering costs of many of the options out there. I remember when we first went looking Mike

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Multiples with a Singleton

Having twins is difficult enough, but if you already have young children it can feel pretty daunting. On top of the usual worries about how on earth you are going to cope with having more than one baby at the same time there is the additional concern about how your singleton child is going to

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Top 10 Newborn Essentials

When you’re pregnant with twins it’s easy to become daunted by all the stuff you’ll need once two babies arrive in your life. Twin mums who have been there, done that have helped us come up with a list of the top ten newborn essentials that are worth considering for when your little bundles arrive.

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Potty Training Multiples

TOP 10 TIPS FOR POTTY TRAINING MULTIPLES by Jo Humphreys (with thanks to Sandra Patterson and Clare Brown)

Potty Training – it’s amazing how 2 little innocent sounding words can strike fear into parents. You’ve finally got the hang of nappies and can change 2 or 3 moving toddlers in a space the size of

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Going Back to Work After Twins

To go back to work, or stay at home with your twins, is a question that I’m sure most of us have posed or will pose to ourselves at some time over the next few years. And one of the most difficult to find a satisfactory answer to; whatever decision you make, there will be

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Travelling with Twins by Colleen Yates

For my husband and I, traveling long-haul with twins was an inevitability. I’m American, my parents live in Asia, and my husband is British. When I first found out I was pregnant with our twin girls, we had just purchased tickets to spend Christmas in Bali with my family. The girls would be three months

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