Classes for Twins

As the weather starts to turn and the days draw in trying to think of things you can do with your little ones becomes increasingly difficult. So we’ve pulled together some of the best classes and playgroups in the local area to help keep them (and you) amused during those long (or should that be short) winter days.

  1. Tempo Tots

Where – York House in Twickenham on Mondays and Fridays and Horsell, Surrey on Tuesdays
Cost – £12 for a 40-minute session with twins (single children £8). First class is free
Website –

Classes are very interactive musical classes for children aged 3months to 4 years. There are three sessions for children 2.5 years to 4 years, 18 months to 2.5 years and 3 months to 18 months. Each session is specially aimed at the age group. Classes include everything from singing, dancing, playing musical instruments to story time and sensory activities. Each class is entirely unique and there is a weekly theme. The children clearly love it and it’s an incredibly relaxed environment so easy to enjoy with twins. No one will mind if one of your children wants to wander up and sit right next to Charlotte who runs the class. Worth noting too that Tempo Tots also holds infant first aid courses that you can book on to and has a big Christmas party for all the children towards the end of December where the hall is decked out as a winter wonderland and Santa comes for a visit!

  1. Heartbeeps

Where – Various locations throughout London. Check the website for your local class
Cost – £12 for a 45-minute class with twins (single children £8). First class is £5
Website –

There are a number of different classes aimed at different developmental stages. This is a ‘child led’ interactive class with enough stimulation to make your little ones sleep for hours afterwards. It combines singing with baby massage and huge amounts of sensual and visual stimulation. Walking into the class is a little like stepping into an episode of In The Night Garden (in a good way!). The teacher was very quick to help with twins so that both babies could experience the whole class and there was no need to keep jumping between the two of them.
3. Playball

Where – various locations
Cost – Enquire for costs. Twins discount available.
Website –

This class, recommended by Anna Crane, was attended by her twin boys from when they were 2 years old. It is designed to offer a holistic approach to developing their cognitive, social, physical and emotional development.
The class introduces children to a whole range of ball sports including tennis, cricket, hockey and rugby among others. Anna found that the classes are small enough that your twins are closely looked after so you don’t need to take part, which allows you some well deserved time to put your feet up and read a magazine. Classes are outside on tennis courts during the warmer summer months and inside during the winter so suitable all year round.

  1. Buggy fit

Where – Various locations
Cost – £9 per session for drop in classes or £40 for five sessions (weekly)

This is pretty much what it says on the tin. A fitness class using your buggy. It’s not just about exercise though it helps you improve your posture, something we all know suffers during pregnancy, carrying around twins and pushing buggies. This class can be completed once you have had your 6-week doctors check up (8 weeks with a C-section). Classes take place all over the place so it’ll be easy to find one in your local park. Check out the website for the one nearest to you. One of the greatest advantages I found of doing this with twins is that pushing a double buggy you get an even bigger work out than everyone else!

  1. Baby Bumpkins

Where – Various Locations
Cost – Enquire for cost information

This lovely class, recommended by Jo Humphries is a unique baby yoga experience, which combines storytelling, music and simple baby yoga. It is aimed at encouraging babies from 6 weeks old to crawling to enhance their physical and emotional development, The teachers are all fully qualified and will help out by using one of your twins to do the demonstration on allowing you to concentrate on the other. There are various classes in different locations around the local area. See website for full details

  1. Baby Massage

Where – Children’s Centre Whitton
Cost – Free

This was offered to me through the health visiting service. They can recommend you and get you signed up for a session of 4 classes. The class is aimed at babies who aren’t yet on the move and teaches you how to give them a relaxing baby massage. It’s a great way to enhance bonding in the early weeks and babies absolutely love it. It can really help if one or both of your babies are suffering with colic too. The teacher is lovely and the class is incredibly small so It’s easy to handle both twins at once or you are welcome to take along a partner, friend or grandparent, as I did to a few sessions, to help out if you choose to.

  1. Jo Jingles

Where – Various locations
Cost – From £4.35 per session. First session is free.
Website –

Sandra Patterson recommended this class that she took her triplet boys to. Children from 6 months upwards are catered to in this class which she says really introduced her boys to music. She found that the more they went the more they got to know the music and it’s stayed with them ever since. The teacher was always really helpful in looking after at least one of her boys during the class so they could all enjoy it without having too much to handle.

  1. Little Kickers

Where – Various locations across the UK
Cost- Enquire for cost information
Website –

This class, recommended by Jo Humphries, teaches children in a ‘play not push’ environment, which means teaching football in a fun pressure free environment. Classes are suitable for children from 18 months to 7 years. Parents are required to take part up until children are 2 years old and each class lasts 45 minutes. The venue is indoors and therefore suitable for the whole year round. Jo found that for younger twins it may be advantageous to take two adults in order to help keep them focused on what they are doing.  As they get older they can get more and more out of the class and enjoy it independently.

  1. Crafty Tales

Where – Various locations in Richmond, Hampton. Hampton Hill, Teddington and Parsons Green
Cost – Prices vary according to location. Up to £9 for 2 children.
Website –

This lovely class, attended by Shirine Mahawish and her twin girls is run by an energetic teacher who combines songs, puppets, rhymes and parachute games among others . Classes are for children from 0-24 months and 2 – 4 years. Shirine said her twins absolutely love it and it is a really easy class for parents to manage on their own with twins.

  1. Juma Baby

Where – Stanley Road Children’s Centre
Cost – Free
Phone number – 020 3021 1990

This class also recommended by Shirine  is offered to children up to 12 months. It’s a loud class full of music, and interaction and the children all absolutely love it. The lady who runs it is fantastic and the children’s centre staff are all incredibly happy to help with twins. Booking takes place at 10am on Monday morning and it books up quickly so it’s well worth setting a reminder to call at the right time.