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The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is a charity set up by parents of twins, triplets and higher multiples and interested professionals. It is the only UK wide organisation that directly helps tens of thousands of parents of twins, triplets and more and professionals to meet the unique challenges that multiple birth families face. Tamba wants all families with twins, triplets and more to share the same opportunities as other families, so they can enjoy their unique experiences to the full. Membership is open to all those involved in the care of twins, triplets and more. 

Information and support service

The Multiple Births Foundation
The Multiple Births Foundation is an independent charity based at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in West London. A vital resource to professionals and families alike, it aims to improve the care and support of multiple birth families through the education of all relevant professionals.

Twinsclub UK
Information and chat forums

UK Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Association
 The UK Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Association, is made up of parents, professional carers, and research professionals, all dedicated to raising the awareness of the syndrome, funding research, and providing care and advice to sufferers.  The aim of the organisation is the preservation and protection of the health of unborn babies suffering from TTTS by the provision of information, advice, and support.

 Blogs by mums and dads of multiples

  • Twin Tips – by mum of fraternal twins born 2002, and then identical twins born 2007.
  • Two Become Four  – is a parenting and lifestyle blog written by Rebecca, a 30-something mother of terrifically troublesome twin toddlers, Tilly and Jasper.
  • A twin adventure – A blog by Susie McBeth, writing about her boy/girl twins
  • House of Twins 2.0 – Taming identical twin girls without a safety net since 2007.

 Online stores selling Twin items