Your Committee

New Committee 2017 – 2018

We are delighted to be able to announce the members of the new committee for 2017-2018. We will re-introduce into our newsletters ‘Committee Member of the Month’ so that you can all get to know them.

Chair – Jo Humphreys
Treasurer – Navani Shankar
Social Organisers – Claudia Bruen, Yvonne Choat, Helene Tsouloupas, Josephine Wyatt
Website Editor – Helen Kay
Newsletter Editor – Harriet Dormer
Bumps & Babies Host – Vacant
Jigsaw playgroup Hosts – Nicola Wilkinson-Miah, Aimee Byrne, Hania Engle, Claudia Bruen
Frankie and Flo’s playgroup Host – Alex Lord

Your Chairlady – Jo Humphreys

a07fa96e-3672-48b4-bd7c-cab23fe9de5eMy name is Jo and I am Chair of the club. I first joined shortly after my twins were born. In fact I’ve gone down in club history for attending an event very early on. It was a pub night and Mike and I walked in to a lovely warm welcome. On being asked how old the boys we revealed that they were 4 weeks old. A rather stunned silence descended on the evening and once everyone had picked their jaws up off the floor they all said practically in unison “and you are out – together???!!!”

I’m originally from Sunderland and I have lived with Mike in Twickenham for nearly 9 years. I’m a professionally trained musician but have worked in travel for over 20 years. I lived abroad for a few years running holiday resorts and on my return to the UK I worked in Sports Travel handling all the arrangements for players, media, VIP’s and supporters attending events all over the world. I have to say though that despite previously being responsible for thousands of people and million pound budgets, bringing up twins is without a doubt the most challenging thing I’ve ever done!

I didn’t return to work at the end of my maternity leave but contrary to the belief of Katie Hopkins I am not unemployed. I work very hard at being the best mummy I can be but without the pay cheque!! Staying at home wasn’t my first choice but having done so I find myself looking back on an amazing 3 years and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now that the boys are finally sleeping (about time) I’ve been able to start doing a few things like sing in a local choir and of course run Twickenham Twins Club.

Meet the Committee

Each month we’ll find out more about the committee members in the newsletter. This month we hear from Navani Shankar our Treasurer

ttcI was born and raised in Malaysia but London has been home for the past 18 years. When we arrived in 1999 we lived in South London for about 4 years before moving to Isleworth where we have remained since. I am mum to Vrishan aged 3 and Amrutha and Adetti who will be 1 in February.

I am an accountant although when I was younger I wanted to become a doctor. Don’t really know when that changed! In 2009 when the financial crisis occurred I was made redundant.  At that point in my life I made a decision that from here on everything I do should mean something. That is when I decided to leave the corporate world and work for a charity. Since then I have worked for many charitable organisations. Currently I work for the West London Synagogue. What attracted me to them was the work that they do for the community and society in general.

Cooking is something I love doing. I learnt everything that needs knowing from my grandmother. I used to spend many weekends cooking for friend’s dinner parties. This came in useful when I was made redundant as it was my coping mechanism. My dream someday is to own my own little restaurant.

I found out about the club from an NCT breastfeeding counsellor. I have learnt so much from other twin mums and I hope that other twin families do too.