Helping Hands Charity in need of donations for triplets

images-31Currently Helping Hands at Tamba are supporting three families with triplets who are all in crisis.

The families have been refereed to us by their health team as financially they are really up against it, they need  both the support of a Norland volunteer but also with equipment. None of the families have a triplet buggy meaning  all of the mothers have been unable to leave the house alone with their babies. For one mother in particular this is making the school run impossible.

The triplets aged 5 months are 1 boy and two girls, the triplets aged 9 months are all boys as are the triplets aged 6 months.

We are also in desperate need of age appropriate toys for the 5 month old triplets such as a large play mat with hanging toys or other items that would be suitable.

The families we help are all over the UK, we are able to fund a courier to get the equipment to our families. We appreciate that triplet buggies are expensive and often families sell them on after they have used them, we do however have funds to purchase the buggies on behalf of our families.

Stacey and myself at Helping Hands would be very grateful for the kind offer of donations which can be brought in to the Twickenham Twins Club Wednesday playgroup on Wednesday 25th February 2015.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to email or call the office on the number below and ask for Helen or Stacey.

Again many thanks,

Kind regards,