Help from national organisations

Tamba Twins and Multiple Births Association

Twickenham Twins Club is affiliated with Tamba, a charity providing support for the families of twins, triplets and higher multiples. Tamba have 2 levels of membership available:

  1. Register with TAMBA for free to receive a guide to Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, Neonatal Care, or Twin to Twin Transfusion, as well as monthly e-newsletters.
  2. Join Tamba to access the Message Board, receive magazines, and receive a wide range of benefits – including discounts at stores. Tamba also provides ante-natal and parenting courses across the UK.

For further information visit the Tamba website:


Tamba Twinline is a national, confidential, listening and emotional support service for all parents – and expectant parents – of twins, triplets and more, and the professionals involved in their care. It is staffed by trained volunteers who are parents of multiples.

Parents can phone in with any issues that are troubling them. This could include sleeping, feeding, crying, behaviour, discipline, school issues or special needs. Often all the caller needs is five minutes breathing space, a chat or a listening ear from someone who can identify with their situation.

Twinline is open everyday from 10am to 1pm and from 7pm to 10pm on: 0800 138 0509 (freephone)