Philip and Daniel

This month we meet Membership Secretary Irene’s twins Philip and Daniel.

Names? Philip and Daniel
Age? 2 years old
Birthday? 8th July 2011
Identical or fraternal? Fraternal
Favourite activity? Philip – playing with his trains. Daniel – likes a bit of everything, quite creative and a lot of imaginary play.
A bit about Mum & Dad… Mum – from Austria and in UK for 11 years, used to work in hotel industry and recruitment for the last 6 years before I went on maternity leave. Married to Paul, he is English and works in IT for an international hotel group.
Buggy? Side by side pram, German brand (Hartan) for big walks, McLaren twin buggy in the car for our trips.
Car? Ford C-Max Grande
Help or not? No help.
Quick tip? Be patient, enjoy every day as it all moves far too fast. Establish a routine from day one.
Best thing about having twins? Double the hugs, kisses, love.
Best bargain? I got an extra 20% off some great Clark’s shoes using my Tamba discount card.
Funniest thing the twins have done? Oh dear so many funny things… But one was definitely when we went ‘trick or treating’… We knocked on one of the neighbours door and baring in mind they had never really met her or been in her house, they went straight inside, into her lounge, re-arranged all the remote controls and phones that were on the coffee table and then sat down on the sofa, as if this was their second home!
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… So many reasons to love the club – great people who share your experiences, boys have made great friends – and so have I, the socials are a definite winner too…