Although the days are cooling down rapidly and the nights are getting longer we all know there is no escaping the parks and playgrounds when you have energetic twins to wear out. So this month our Top Ten Tips looks at the best playgrounds in the area.

As you’ll have seen from the twins of the month, Jo Humphries has two energetic twin boys so has lots of playground experience. She has recommended her favourite playgrounds in Whitton, Twickenham and St Margarets, Some other local twin mums have then given some ideas for great playgrounds in Richmond, Hampton, Isleworth and Teddington.


Cypress Avenue (TW2 7JZ)
This playground is on the corner of Cypress Avenue. There is also a cut through that goes from Whitton High Street (opposite the Admiral Nelson). There is free on-street parking. It is a very small playground so perfect for supervising 2 small children going off in opposite directions!! All of the ground is covered in the sprung floor material rather than just around the apparatus. It is also one of the very few playgrounds that is particularly suited to younger toddlers. I found with a lot of playgrounds that apart from the swings often there was little else for under 2’s. At this playground pretty much all of the equipment works for really little ones and as it’s probably a bit young for 3-4 year olds you don’t have to worry so much about bigger children running around. The only downside for twins is there is only 1 swing!!

Murray Park (TW2 7DX)
This playground is on Kneller Road where there is free on-street parking. This large area has a huge choice of apparatus for the children to play. There are the usual suspects of swings, slides, climbing frames etc. but it also has a zip wire, obstacle course, numbers and letters ladders and musical instruments. The only downside for twins is there is a small hill running down the middle of the playground so if you end up with one twin on either side the only way to supervise both of them is to stand on the top of the hill. The other thing to be aware of is that in the summer this playground is very popular with ice cream vans and often 2, 3, 4 of them can visit in one play session.  This can make saying “no” to a whole new level….


Craneford Park (TW2 7SQ)
This playground situated in the middle of a field is located on Craneford Way. There is free on-street parking right outside. It’s a very manageable space if you have twins but large enough for them to really be able to run around. There are plenty of swings, slides etc. suitable for all ages and there is even a pirate ship. What I particularly love about this playground is that it is usually very quiet making the supervision of twins even easier. The only downside is that there is no shade so one to avoid on a very hot sunny day.

Holly Road (TW1 4EG)
This playground is situated right in the centre of Twickenham  – bizarrely in a graveyard. It’s a very sweet, small playground so very easy to keep an eye on both children. There are enough swings and a reasonable choice of other equipment. It is very shady so excellent on a hot sunny day. It can get quite busy especially after 3pm.


Moormead Park (TW1 1JS)
This playground is located 5 minutes walk from St Margarets station and is in the middle of a lovely park area. It has plenty of choice of equipment and 4 toddler swings!! It’s lovely and shady so great on a hot sunny day. It’s a very manageable size although it can get very busy especially after 3pm, which always makes supervision a bit trickier.  There is plenty of on-street parking but you do have to pay. Isn’t too expensive though.


Alberts playground (Next to The Albert’s Café, Worple Way TW10 6DF)
Natasha Goodrich lives near the Albert’s Childrens park (next the the alberts deli and loves it because it’s quite small and not very busy but has good and very well kept equipment. The coffee shop next door does lovely coffee and a sandwich which is great for warming up after spending time outside. The gate is even big enough for a bugaboo donkey. There is no parking but it’s right next to a bus stop which services the 33/337/493.

Cambridge Gardens – TW1 2TA
Christel Middleton’s favourite playground in Richmond is in Cambridge Gardens (just over Richmond bridge ) because it’s very safe being that it’s not close to a road and not too big to watch all of her triplets. There is a cafe there with toilets and a few benches for the parents to watch the children. For parking you can pay for a permit in the local shop and park next to the playground.


Holly Rd playground, Hampton Hill – TW12 1QJ
Clare Brown loves this playground as it never really gets that busy meaning there are no issues with keeping an eye on 2 little ones.  It’s in a fenced-off corner of an open green space, which again makes it nice and safe (the gate is not too close to the road).  Large trees offer shaded areas in the summer. There is also free parking on nearby roads


Silverhall Park – (Twickenham Road, TW7 6)

Ola Knott’s favourite park in Isleworth is Silverhall Park which lies either side of the Duke of Northumberland river and is home to a number of trees.

Half of this park is a formal park with a children’s playground and the other half is a nature conservation area that supports a range of woodland wildlife. If you are lucky you can spot a heron sitting on a branch of a tree or going for a little walk. There are lots of birds there and squirrels too.

The playground area comprises of swings and a multi-play areas for the over 5’s and the under 5’s as well as a carousel for use of any age. The equipment is in good order and the variety means that the children don’t ever get bored. There is also a picnic area and some seating for adults. The park is fenced off which makes it perfectly safe for twins to run off in different directions.


Wade’s Lane (Near Marks and Spencers)

Shirine Mahawish recommends this playground in Teddigton, not least because it’s right near M&S and therefore perfect for poping into M&S to look for reduced items !

The playground is great for all ages and very spacious, so there is plenty of room for lots of kids to run around and tire themselves out.  It has 2 sets of swings for little ones and two sets of swings for older children.  No park is complete without a slide and lots of spinny things (tea cups and poles), along with monkey bars and a climbing frame.

It’s tucked away right behind the Teddington Leisure Centre/Pool, just off Vicarage Road.  It’s a great park for the weekend, as The French Tart is around the corner and they do excellent coffee and croissants – a treat for us and also supporting locals businesses.