The Playgroundathon 2012!

With the weather warming up, we thought it would be a good idea to put a list of local playgrounds together so you can “test” them over the summer time. This is not an exhaustive list… we welcome suggestions and improvements to it. Please note that some playgrounds are currently closed for improvements.


Marble Hill Enclosure

Location: Marble hill near the Coach House cafe

Parking: Pay and display

Toilet and Café: Cafe near the enclosure, and toilets are behind the cafe.

This is not a playground as such and despite the fact there is no equipment here, my two always entertain themselves with running about and digging in the dirt near the trees. It’s a safe area due to being enclosed so it’s one place I can actually relax whilst the two of them have relative freedom to roam. Be aware that two or more children can open the gate employing a bit of team work as we recently discovered.

Kneller Gardens Playground

Location: It is at 2 mins walk from the Crane Centre in Kneller Gardens next to river Crane

Parking: On Meadway, free of charge

Toilet and Café: There is a cafe now, however it is not always open.

This play area has been recently re-done and has a nice lot of equipment.

Jubilee Gardens

Location: Twickenham riverside near Eel Pie Island, on the Embankment.

Parking: Pay and display.

Toilet and Café: Yes.

Newly refurbished playground for Queens Jubilee. As of 25 May this was not yet open.


Twickenham Playground – Holly Road

Location: On Holly Road, behind Marks & Spencer Supermarket.

Parking: Parking meters nearby.

Toilet and Café: No but there are cafes on Twickenham High Street.

There are two picnic benches, and two normal benches. This has a good slide, with easy staircase for younger children to negotiate. There is 1 baby swing, a disabled swing which many younger children use, and 2 normal swings.  This playground is often used by “Bright Beginnings” Nursery so can get a bit crowded at times.

East Twickenham Playground

Location: On Clevendon Road, near Richmond Bridge

Parking: Free on Sundays on Clevendon Road

Toilet: Yes at the playground

Café: Yes at the playground.

A children’s favourite playground because it has a boat / pirate ship! It also has a bigger climbing frame for older children (4+) and roundabout, a long distance flower shaped telephone, swings for four different age groups (from 6 months onwards), eggcups, a turtle seesaw and a seesaw for bigger children. It is all soft surfaced with picnic benches, normal benches and a big green area for picnic on the grass.

Radnor Gardens Playground

Location: On Deep Cross – Twickenham

Parking: On roads nearby, but check the times since there are parking restrictions.

Toilet and Café: There is a café that says it is open 7 days a week – but in fact its opening times are erratic.

It has swings for different age groups; two egg cups, a climbing frame for 3yrs+. The play area is soft, and there are benches. It is surrounded by grass so you can have a picnic in the gardens.


Moormead park playground– St Margaret’s

Location: On Moormead park

Parking: Around the park, but often scarce

Café: No.

Toilets: Yes near the play

This playground is really busy after school, so best avoided then if you have toddlers. There are 3 levels of slide on a nice secure climbing tower, all covered in so the little daredevils can go up to the really high slide quite safely. There are 4 baby swings and 4 older children swings. There is a roundabout and some swivel buckets. Also some discovery panels and voice changers. It is a very nice park with lots of sports activity around the outside.


Orleans Gardens Playground

Location: Next to Marble Hill Park, on the river, almost across Ham House

Parking: On Orleans Road

Café: You can buy ice cream and sandwiches at the kiosk.

Toilets: Yes behind the kiosk

This is a large area so can be a bit stressful if your twins have a tendency to go in opposite directions. There is a nice wide slide, a roundabout, 4 baby swings, and bigger swings also. There is a nice almost fenced area with discovery panels that can be good to shepherd your children into for peace of mind. Picnic tables are also available. There is a balancing circuit for older children, a roundabout. You can bring your own picnic and if you are brave enough cross the river on the Ferry.


 Vicarage Road Playground

Location: Behind Teddington Swimming Pool on Vicarage Road

Parking: The Swimming pool car park is free on Sundays, other days you need to pay and display.

Toilets: At the swimming pool.

Café nearby: On Teddington High Street

There are swings for bigger smaller children. It has also two big frames for bigger children and a smaller one for over 2’s. There is also a triple seesaw, eggcups, and mushrooms. There are five benches to sit and a green area to have picnics on the grass. All the area is cover with an anti-graze soft surface. The children loved it!

Broom Road Playground

Location: On Broom Road next to Teddington Secondary School.

Parking: Free on Broom Road

Toilets: Behind a tree!

Café nearby: None.

There is a shark and dolphin seesaw, a roundabout, swings for bigger children, and a balancing circuit. There is an extra wide double slide – ideal for twins, which is on the frame. There is also a climbing wall and monkey bars. There are two picnic benches and two normal benches. The area is covered with a soft surface.

Bushy Park Playground

Location: On Bushy Park, near Diana Fountain

Parking: Free at the car park.

Toilets: Yes

Café: None, but you can buy ice creams or drinks from the kiosk in the car park.

This playground is due to re-open at the beginning of June after a complete refurbishment. There is a large shelter area for sun or rain which is quite helpful.  The sandpit is open now. This is a large space so if your twins like to separate and run off in different directions it may be better to visit this with at least one other adult.



Playground on Carlisle Park – due to re-open 27th April

Location: Carlisle Park Hampton, near Carlisle Road

Parking: Free on Carlisle Road

Toilets: During cricket matches the ones in the cricket pavilion.

Café nearby: A few on Station Road

The playground is getting brand new equipment, including a slide, spinner bowl, sit-on springers and cradle swings, They have also set up a balance track and interactive board for toddlers. There are picnic tables and benches.  Along the fence line there is a small amount of shade provided by the trees.


Petersham Gate Playground in Richmond Park

Parking: On River Lane or roads nearby

Toilets: Yes

Cafe: There is the Dysart Arms pub across the road or at Pembroke Lodge (lovely view and café area, you can see St Paul’s Cathedral if you look through a hole in the bushes on King Henry’s Mount)

This is a lovely playground, it has a climbing frame, a few roundabouts and swings but little ones spend most of their time in the big sandpit.

Old Deer Park, Richmond – Work commences on 25th April for 4 weeks

The Old Deer Park see improvements to toddler/infant area including climbing frames with slides, rope bridges and fireman poles, plus new cradle swings, roundabouts and seesaws.