Top 10 Newborn Essentials

When you’re pregnant with twins it’s easy to become daunted by all the stuff you’ll need once two babies arrive in your life. Twin mums who have been there, done that have helped us come up with a list of the top ten newborn essentials that are worth considering for when your little bundles arrive.

Twin Z Feeding Pillow.
You’ll be amazed by how much time you spend feeding your babies in the early days. Some days it feels like it’s all you do. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding a feeding pillow such as the Twin Z can really help you out. It’ll get your twins into just the right position for feeding and will really help to protect your back. It’s also a great pillow for popping your babies in to keep them supported (so you can get your arms back to yourself for a few moments) from newborn right up until they are sitting. It is manufactured in the US and can be difficult to get hold of in the UK so it’s worth trying to order one early if you can.

A Freezer Full Of Food.
If it’s not your babies eating it’ll be you (especially if you’re breastfeeding). You think you’re hungry when you’re pregnant with twins, feeding them is a whole other ball game. However finding time to cook is not easy. Whilst mums of one might get nice long stretches when their baby is asleep getting time when both your babies are asleep at the same time is unfortunately rare in the early days. This means cooking becomes difficult. If you get the chance before the babies come it’s worth filling your freezer up with meals you can pop into the oven. If the thought of doing that is too much when you’re heavily pregnant, try asking friends to bring stuff round for you when they visit or get an online order in for Cook (frozen home cooked meals) and or somewhere like Blue Apron who will deliver you the ingredients to cook a healthy nutritious meal.

Sounds simple but you will get through muslins like you never thought possible especially if either of your babies has reflux. Muslins are perfect for wiping up mess, swaddling your babies in (you’ll want the big size for this) and protecting your clothes from constant spit up. There are hundreds of different options in all sorts of price ranges.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep
For those who bottle feed this is not a necessity but it really really helps. When you have two babies screaming for milk this machine which makes formula to a perfect temperature in a few minutes really takes the stress out of bottle making (especially in the middle of the night). There’s no hanging around desperately hoping the milk will cool down quickly so you can feed your two screaming babies. In the space of about 4 minutes (I’ve timed it) you can have two bottles ready to go and in your babies mouths.

Bouncer chairs
What to do when you need to pop to the loo and your babies are both awake? Sit them in a couple of bouncer chairs. They are great for keeping them somewhere that you know they are secure and the gentle bouncing motion often helps to calm them too (at least it did with my two). If you really want you can take the chairs into the bathroom with you so you have a constant eye on them. I preferred to just leave the door open and talk to them throughout!!

 Amazon Prime and an online supermarket account
Both of these many twin mums found to be necessities for when you suddenly realise you only have a few nappies left, the formula is running out or you just need some wine! Chances are you won’t have the time or energy to run out to the shops so being able to order something that will definitely arrive the next day is a real life saver. Amazon Prime also means most delivery is free and you can set up subscriptions for things like nappies and baby wipes so you never run out.

Netflix/Now TV/Any Sort Of Box Set
No matter whether your twins are born in the summer or winter I highly recommend you get out of the house as much as you feel comfortable with. It’s great for all of you to get some fresh air and the attention you receive from people on the street can really lift spirits. However for those many hours that you spend feeding, rocking babies to sleep, getting stuck in one place because they fell asleep on you a TV box set is a must. Subscriptions to all of the above aren’t hugely expensive and can be cancelled as soon as you stop needing it. Whether you have a penchant for American dramas, crime documentaries or The Only Way is Essex(!) you’ll find something to entertain you on these sites.

This is a must if you feel you want some extra help around the house. Speak to your health visitor who can help arrange it for you. This is essentially a trainee childcare worker who will come to your home (usually for a few hours a week) and help you out with the babies all for free. You can’t leave them alone with your babies but knowing you have a second pair of hands coming to help you once a week can be a real spirit lifter if you’re having a bad week. Many people on the group had really positive experiences with Homestart. Definitely worth exploring but bring it up early with your health visitor because it can take a little while to organise.

White Noise
Many people swear by white noise in the early days especially with twins as it can (in theory) drown out the sound of the other baby crying and help your sleeping baby to sleep through the other waking up. It’s essentially a soothing noise that replicates what babies are used to hearing in the womb. There are loads of devices that you can use to play it out. Some monitors, ‘Ewan the Sheep’ or just a downloaded track onto your phone to play on a loop.

Angel Bath Seat.
Trying to bath two babies can be a little challenging. You will probably want to bath one at a time in the early days for safety. This bath seat was a real life saver for me. I could put a baby in the bath in it and have the other on the floor on a towel. The baby in the bath was pretty safe in the seat if for any reason you needed to tend to the other baby. Obviously you cannot leave the baby in the bath alone, they need to remain in arms reach, but this made it much easier for me handling two babies at bath time on my own.