Triplets of the Month: Luke, Joshua and Zac

Triplets Luke, Joshua and Zac

Luke, Joshua and Zac

This month we meet triplets Luke, Joshua and Zac.


Triplets Names? Luke, Joshua and Zac.
Age? 2.
Birthday? 17th May 2012.
Identical or fraternal? All three are non identical.
Favourite activity? Being outdoors and playing with cars.
A bit about Mum & Dad… We met 11 years ago. Mum worked in management in Business Travel in London before having the boys and has been fortunate to travel quite a bit.  Dad is a mechanical Engineer and is a big Rugby fan. Just doesn’t allow Mum to go to matches with him as the team he supports usually loses if she does! We like to go out mostly to eat or to the cinema and have been lucky to keep doing this while the boys were babies. Also managed a day together at the Olympics when the boys were three months old.
Buggy? Double & single Baby Jogger Mini City plus X Rider (buggy board & seat) to attach to the back of the double. Used baby carrier for one when smaller.
Car?  VW Touran.
Help or not?  I have had a student apprentice in childcare two days a week since the boys were four months old. Homestart provided a volunteer for the first year and they helped with household tasks and the boys. I also have found another girl trained in childcare I use on an ad hoc basis and now have a cleaner. And my mum.
Quick tip for other twin and triplet mums?  Routine, being organised and staying calm.  A good bed routine has been the best thing we achieved, leaving us with the evenings free from about 7pm. Also doing things the way it suits you and not what the book says. Getting out is vital either with the children or on your own.
Best thing about having triplets? The joy you get from hearing them laugh and play together. Plus an instant family.
Best bargain? Getting all our bottles free as my friend’s niece worked at Mam. Using Ebay and nearly new sales. Got a stair gate for £2.
Funniest thing the triplets have done?  This was a hard one as there as probably been many moments. Making one another laugh is extremely funny to watch. Joshua’s run, Luke’s dancing and Zak’s mad moments always made us laugh.
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because…  It has been a source of support and knowledge with mums going through the same experiences who can give advice and tips. It is also a great way to meet some very nice people and make friends. And as a new Mum the bumps and babies meetings helped when going through a new and at times very hard experience looking after triplets. (But wouldn’t have it any other way!)