Twins of the Month: Anastacia and Gabriella

ed44d857-88b6-4626-b368-f3990060908eThis month we meet Georgina Michaels’ twins, Anastacia and Gabriella.

Twins names? Anastacia and Gabriella

Age? 20 months

Birthday? May

Identical or Fraternal? Identical

Favourite activity? At the moment they both love riding their toy car together, it’s a bit of a squeeze but they both manage to get on. At Grandma’s house they love to jump off the first step of the stairs and crash into each other.

A bit about mum and dad? Mummy Georgina is a stay at home mum, she was a freelance nail technician. Daddy Joe is an IT project manager at Unilever.

Buggy? Out n about nipper. Very easy to use. It’s not massive like many twin buggies and it’s easy to fold away.

Car? Cayenne 4×4. We couldn’t get a lorry onto the drive!!!! Spacious car but with twins it’s still a squeeze at times.

Help or not? Definitely yes yes!!!! Take all the help that is offered. You think you’re able to cope and are prepared but nothing can prepare you for twins. Thankfully my mum moved in with us for 6 months. We also had a night nanny as both Joe and I were exhausted!! It was important that Joe slept in order to function for work. Myself who was known for sleeping 10-12 hours a night… That soon changed and it was a shock to the system. So yes, plenty of help if possible.

Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums?
Always remember that the stage/phase you are going through will not last forever and soon things will change/get better. If it gets too much take 5 mins out and breathe.

What advice would you give your pre twins/triplets (pregnant) self?
Take time for you, do things that you enjoy and make you happy. Don’t read horror stories online re pregnancy. Rest lots too as you will be on your feet lots when they arrive.

What advice would you give about sleep training?
The girls were not sleeping through the night and we were both struggling. We had to let the night nanny go as it was costing too much. We decided to bring in a sleep expert… The magic sleep fairy. We cannot thank her enough for what she did. On her first day she had our girls sleeping for 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and 10-12 hours at night.
She saved us from sleepless nights!! You have to be tough when it comes to sleep and babies have to learn to self soothe and fall asleep themselves. Sounds easier said I know. The mistake we made was always going into the room when they cried, they got use to this and thought it was a game. Let them cry unless it’s a very distressed cry…. Doing all this, my girls are still sleeping 10-12 hours a night…. Long may it continue.

What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? Do what is best/ easier for you. They say breast is best… Yes if you have plenty of milk and the patience. I expressed as the girls could not latch on and I didn’t know how much they were having. I expressed but after 5 days my milk dried up. With the bottle, others can help feed too.

Do you have any advice on weaning?
That seems like ages ago…. I cooked fresh for the girls everyday so I knew exactly what they were eating. My advice is do what is easier as most of the food gets thrown back at you or on the floor!!!

Do you have any advice on potty training?
No as we have not started that yet.

Best bargain? We found lots of bargains in charity shops. But the best was a mamas and papas rocking horse for 99p!!!!!

Best thing about having twins/triplets?
The most wonderful thing is watching them interact with each other… It’s very funny at times. Also knowing that hopefully they will have an amazing bond and will always have each other.

Funniest thing about the twins/triplets?
At the moment everything is ‘uh oh’ followed by ‘never mind’. Also when they try to eat with a spoon on their own and it goes everywhere except the mouth.
There are so many great things about having twins…

I love Twickenham Twins’ club because?
The people there completely understand what you are going through. They are honest and wonderful people.