Twins of the Month: Freya and Tess

_MG_2372This month we meet Fiona Christie’s twins Freya and Tess.

Twins’ Names? Freya & Tess
Age?  17 Months
Birthday? 28 June 2013
Identical or fraternal?  Fraternal
Favourite activity? Freya loves climbing up everything at the moment, particularly onto the changing table. Tess is more keen on neatly arranging buttons into tupperware boxes.
A bit about Mum & Dad… Fiona is a financial consultant, specializing in helping failing NHS Trusts. Peter is a HR project manager for a Tesco group company
Buggy? Bugaboo Donkey. It’s expensive but it is so comfortable on & off road, and can be set up in lots of different ways. It can also fold down into a single buggy which is useful when you are only taking one twin out.
Car?  Volvo XC70
Help or not? We have a nanny 3 days a week while I’m at work. We had a doula for a few mornings a week in the first few months
Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums? If you are out and about and need an extra pair of hands, just ask – you’ll be surprised at how willing complete strangers are to help you out.
What advice would you give your pre-twins (pregnant) self? The thought of twins arriving can be pretty daunting but don’t let it worry you – once they arrive its amazing how you adapt and are able to cope with whatever comes you way.
What advice would you give about sleep training? We put a routine in place at about 8 weeks.  We did a dream feed at 11pm and that meant they were able to get through the night from quite early on.
What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? I mixed fed for the first 7 months. If you want to breast feed, rent a hospital grade breast pump and get a twin feeding cushion. In the early months, I just accepted that feeding took ages as they both had reflux, so I just learned to enjoy the quiet time and the chance for a sit down!
Do you have any advice on weaning? Before you are ready to wean, get a friend to come round and dedicate an afternoon to filling up the freezer with ice cube trays of various purees so you never get caught without something to give them.
Best bargain? A playpen I bought from a mum in the twins club – it has a tent that goes over the top to make it look like a playhouse. It keeps them safe, they love being inside and at the end of the day you can just throw all the toys in there and the house looks tidy!
Best thing about having twins? Its so much fun watching their friendship develop and seeing how they start to interact with each other even at an early age.
Funniest thing the twins have done? Mealtimes are lots of fun at the moment…. they like to pretend to feed each other yoghurt and then snatch the spoon away just before they get it in their mouths. It’s very messy but they find it hilarious.
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… nobody cares if you turn up at the playgroup with baby sick on your shoulder, unwashed hair and your twins hitting each over the head with a plastic giraffe!