Twins of the Month: Jack and Eleanor

FullSizeRenderThis month we meet Newsletter Editor Clare Brown’s Twins, Jack and Eleanor.

Twin’s Names? Jack and Eleanor

Age? Just turned 3

Birthday? August

Identical or fraternal? Fraternal

Favourite activity? Mine or theirs…?! Putting feet up with a cup of tea/ playing with a ball in the garden / doing jigsaw puzzles while reciting chunks of stories to himself (I expect you can guess whose is whose…)

A bit about Mum & Dad… I work part-time for a University and my husband is an architect. We lived in Twickenham for 12 years, and when the twins turned 1 we moved to Hampton Hill.

Buggy? Out and About Nipper 360, which is fab.

Car? Ford Focus Estate. Also fab.

Help or not? Not now but I had a doula for 2-3 mornings a week for the first 4 months, who was brilliant.

Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums? Don’t compare yourself to singleton mums (I need to follow my own advice on this though!)

What advice would you give your pre-twins/triplets (pregnant) self? Don’t bother reading any parenting books about the first few weeks with newborn twins – it’s just about survival!

What advice would you give about sleep training? Um…it gets better as they get older….?!

What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? That, in my experience, combination feeding (ie: some breastfeeding, some bottle feeding) is a good solution if you want to breastfeed but can’t manage the strain of exclusively breastfeeding two.

Do you have any advice on weaning? Don’t be scared to try them on finger food if purees are proving unpopular!

Do you have any advice on potty training? Buy LOTS of cheap pants. And trousers. And then buy some more.

Best bargain? Free travel cot from someone in the Twins Club!

Best thing about having twins/triplets? When they are little, the admiring glances and nice comments you get from people. And the fact that you can legitimately strike up conversation with anyone else who has twins, wherever you happen to be. Now they are bigger, it is lovely when they play nicely together. Which happens occasionally 😉

Funniest thing the twins/triplets have done? We have had builders in recently and the twins’ favourite game was “pretending to be Paul” (the decorator), which involved using their little plastic buckets full of water and paintbrushes and “painting” the outside of their playhouse.

I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because…
It’s a great way to meet other twin parents. Also the Facebook page is good for advice on twin-related stuff, as well as being a good place for buying / selling baby and toddler stuff!