Twins of the Month: Lewis and Joshua


This month we meet our former Social Secretary Fiona Cain’s boys Lewis and Joshua…

Twin’s Names? Lewis & Joshua

Age? 4 in October

Birthday? 8th October

Identical or fraternal? Fraternal

Favourite activity? Cars, car mat and duplo are played with daily!

A bit about Mum & Dad… We met at work and are both solicitors and thought that stood us in good stead for negotiating, until we had children!

Older/younger siblings? Lewis & Joshua have an elder sister, Isabelle who is 6.

Buggy? We chose a Mountain Buggy because we wanted to use it with a buggy board for Isabelle and it was about the only one available at the time that suited that set up.  We also had a Silver Cross Duo which lived in the car and whenever I used it made me realise how much I loved the Mountain Buggy.  Unless it was a long journey or not on the bus, I walked everywhere with that buggy!

Car? Having traded in my 2 seater convertible for a family estate after the birth of Isabelle, I thought we were set but unfortunately it was not wide enough for three car seats so I now drive a Land Rover Discovery, aka a tank!

Help or not? When I couldn’t drive, a combination of my mum and a post-natal doula helped me out for a few hours each day to juggle the logistics with Lewis and Joshua as well as Isabelle.  Now I have the invaluable help of a nanny three days a week which allows me to work.

What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding?  Make sure you are comfortable, you will spend a lot of time over the first 6 months to a year sat there.

Do you have any advice on weaning? I found Annabel Karmel’s Meal Planner very helpful and exposed all my children to a wide range of easy to prepare meals.

Do you have any advice on potty training? Keep hold of those old muslins, as they can catch any leaks under the potty.  Also try and schedule it over a time when you are at home for a few days to a week without outings etc and can focus on them.

Best bargain? We found the molded baby bath rests invaluable not only because it allowed us to bath all 3 children together (and we continued to use them for many many months) but also the best way for us to bottle feed them together. They learnt to hold their bottles at a young age and one could therefore be winded whilst the other was finishing his milk.

Best thing about having twins/triplets? It is very interesting to see two people who had the same life experiences developing in different ways but also quite scary to learn the influence you have as we innocently selected a colour for each of our boys to identify cups etc – the respective colours, green and blue are now their favourite colours.

I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… it has provided me with a great network of parents who provide that helpful advice on the challenges of raising multiples.