Twins of the Month: Max and Isaac

cowlingtwinsThis month we find out about our Membership Secretary Jo Cowling’s twins, Max and Isaac.

Twin’s Names? Max and Isaac
Age? Nearly 2
Birthday? November
Identical or fraternal? Fraternal
Favourite activity? Eating, and running. And falling over!
A bit about Mum & Dad… I work part time for a mortgage broker, and Claude works at Teddington School. He is from Madagascar, and finds things quite different here!
Buggy? Mamas and Papas Kato Duo. For a cheap option, it has been fantastic, and is still going after nearly 2 years.
Car? Ford Focus.
Help or not? Not now, but for the first 3 months Claude was at home with us. I’m not sure how I would have done it otherwise.
Quick tip for other twin mums? I’m going to say the same as the others because it’s so important but SO hard – Don’t compare yourself to singleton mums, and don’t feel guilty – it is hard work, give yourself a break!
What advice would you give your pre-twins (pregnant) self? Make the most of any free time/holiday/night by sleeping and relaxing, and don’t panic, you’ll be fine!
What advice would you give about sleep training?
To start with, just wing it, like everything else. But as soon as you can have a strict bedtime and stick to it – it has worked so far!
What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? Don’t worry about it, and don’t feel guilty (again!). I was terrible at taking this advice, but I’m sure it would have been much less stressful if I had. Do what you can, and as long as they drink enough, then they will probably turn out fine!
Do you have any advice on weaning? As many flavours as possible, and a mix of purée and finger food. These 2 are greedy monsters, so not too many problems there. And try not to worry about the mess.
Do you have any advice on potty training? Still to come.. gulp.
Best bargain? I am eternally grateful to all the friends and family who gave me hand me downs, we hardly had to buy anything, so thanks again and again. The best thing we bought, though not exactly a bargain, were Baby Bjorn highchairs, well worth the investment!
Best thing about having twins? When they make each other laugh, it is very hard not to join in. They are so lucky to have a friend for life!
Funniest thing the twins have done? Eating snails – is that funny or disgusting?
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… It’s a great way to meet people, and the boys love the playgroups. Lots of friendly faces, and we all have the same difficult but incredibly rewarding job!