Twins of the Month:


This month we meet twins Ollie and Imogen Homer





Twins Names: Ollie George and Imogen Ann

Age: 2 years and 10 months

Birthday: 27th April 2015

Identical or fraternal: Fraternal

Favourite activity: They love all sorts of physical activities like: playing in the park, bouncing on a bouncy castle (especially at Toddler Fun at Whitton Sports Centre on a Saturday or Sunday morning) and riding their bikes or scooters.

A bit about mum: I’m a teacher at a local primary school. Before I had my twins I used to work full-time, but since having Ollie and Imogen I work 4 days a week (Monday- Thursday). Friday is always ‘Mummy Friday’.

Car: I don’t drive so my double buggy is my car, but our family car is a Chevrolet Captiva. I’m no car expert. All I know is that it has a big boot and we can easily fit everything in.

Help or not? We’ve had no paid help, but since I went back to work (when Ollie and Imogen were 9 months old) my mum looks after them 3 days a week.

Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums: We found the ‘Phil and Ted’s Baby Cocoons’ a life saver when our twins were young babies as it meant we could transfer them easily out of the buggy to the house without waking them up.

What advice would you give to your pre-pregnant self? Enjoy every moment with your twins- even when it’s 1am in the morning and they are awake crying because they grow-up so fast and you never get those baby moments again.

What advice would you give about sleep training? I think routine is key here. We have always had the same routine since they were very young- bath, bottle, story and then bed.

What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? Do what is best for you. Don’t feel pressured into one or the other. As long as the babies are happy and feeding well that’s all that’s matter.

Do you have any advice on weaning? We did a mixture of baby purees and finger foods.

Do you have any advice on potty training? Our twins started using a potty at home from about 18 months, we then introduced a toilet-seat at 2 years old and then at 2 and half they were full-potty trained both at home and when we were out and about.

Best bargain? I’ve brought lots of clothes from TW11/TW12 Mums- great websites to use.

Best thing about having twins? I love watching them interact together. From laughing at each other to playing toy shops.

Funniest thing the twins have done? They read stories to each other with mummy and daddy’s expression. It’s so funny.

I love Twickenham Twins Club because….. You get to meet up with other twin mums at playgroups and chat about twins issues and get twin advice.