Twins of the Month: Padraic and Odhran

FionualaThis month we meet Fionnuala Howard’s twins Padraic and Odhran.

Twins’ Names? Padraic Richard and Odhran Arthur Howard

Age? 6 months

 Birthday? 12th November 2014

Identical or fraternal? Fraternal

Favourite activity? Padraic likes playing on the mat and using his super strength to bat anything that moves. Odhran likes shuffling on his bottom and cuddling his blanket.

A bit about Mum & Dad… Fionnuala is a Primary School Teacher who is originally from Ireland and Matthew is a Finance Manager, originally from Whitton. We live in Old Isleworth and have been married for almost 4 years.

Older/younger siblings? None

Buggy? Out ‘n’ About Double Nipper

Car? VW Golf

Help or not? Not

Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums? Be as organized as possible and work as a team!

What advice would you give your pre-twins/triplets (pregnant) self? Pamper yourself now as much as possible because your free time is precious once the babies arrive!

What advice would you give about sleep training? Go with the flow and trust your instinct. We allowed the babies to get themselves into a routine and it has worked – so far! Whilst the first 3 months were tough with night feeds and demand feeding, it paid off. Both boys are excellent sleepers.

What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding? Don’t buy any feeding equipment before the babies arrive. They may not like what you choose for them and you will be left with a lot of useless equipment.

Do you have any advice on weaning? Not applicable yet! This is our next challenge.

Do you have any advice on potty training? No but I’m already scared!

Best bargain? I bought a cot top changer off another twin mum for £5. It has been a life saver – particularly in the early days post c-section.

Best thing about having twins? Every day is different and every day they make us smile. Watching them interact with each other is pretty amazing!

Funniest thing the twins have done? Padraic pulls himself along on his face in order to get to his toys and Odhran makes the best noises in the morning to get our attention!

I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… of the support network that it offers. I always have somewhere to go for advice.