Twins of the Month: Selim and Louay

Selim & Louay

Selim & Louay

This month we meet our lovely Bumps & Babies host and Committee Member Nora’s boys, Selim and Louay.

Twins Names? Selim & Louay.
Age? 3 years 3 months.
Birthday? 25 March 2011.
Identical or fraternal? Fraternal.
Favourite activity? Their bikes, reading books, mud & water, going to the playground, cuddles.
A bit about Mum & Dad… Omar and I have met when we were sweet 19 and 21. He is from Egypt and I am from Germany. We have been in the UK for about 8 years now.
Buggy? Baby jogger city select (highly recommended).
Car? Volve XC90.
Help or not? I don’t have any family here so after initially denying I would need any help, we hired outside help when they boys were about 6 weeks until they were about one year old. Ever since I am on my own 😉 Retrospectively, I find help for the first 5-6 months makes life tremendously more peaceful…after that it becomes much more manageable and we could have saved the money 😉
Quick tip for other twin mums?

  • Organise your self help from before the twins are born so you don’t end up with suboptimal solutions
  • I should have gotten myself a white noise machine instead of spending my nights in the kitchen next to the extractor
  • If you do want to breast feed but it doesn’t quite work, give bottle + breast a go…happy to share my experience, we did it for 13 months.

Best thing about having twins? Double the cuddles, double the joy, super sweet to watch (when they don’t fight that is), they always have each other and learn much earlier to not just think about themselves, aligned schedules and no juggling of finding activities that suit different age groups.
Best bargain? I have never been very good with bargains. I do love kids charity shops…Fara in East Twickenham for example.
Funniest thing the twins have done? Can’t really think of one thing: maybe when Louay fed his brother puree at 10 months or when Selim disciplines his brother in the grown up voice immitating me… don’t know, lot’s of funny moments to be honest.
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… I always felt a bit like I couldn’t do with my two babies what all the singleton moms did, like go out without a buggy, not worry about feed and just breastfeed whenever or wherever, take them on one bike, etc. It was good to meet with other moms who also juggle two, it gave me confidence to go out and do things and also made me feel not quite as different.