Twins of the Month: Theo and Thomas

theothomasThis month we meet Karen Maria’s twins Theo and Thomas.

Twins’ Names: Theo & Thomas
Age: 5 months
Birthday: October 3rd 2014
Identical or fraternal: Fraternal
Favourite activity: Tummy time facing each other

Older/younger siblings: They have one older brother who is 11
Buggy: ICandy Peach 3
Car: 3dr Hatchback Sport
Help or not: No help.
Quick tip for other twin/triplet mums: My top tip would be to attend the Twinstalk at Kingston Hospital if you have the chance whilst expecting. If they’ve already arrived my top tip would be to always feed both babies at the same time/one after the other. So if one wakes in the middle of the night for feeding be sure to dream feed the other and hopefully that will save you being woken again for a longer while.
What advice would you give your pre-twins (pregnant) self: My pre-pregnancy self advice would be to put those big, swollen feet up a bit more.
What advice would you give about sleep training: I don’t know anything about sleep training I simply took advise from another twin mum I bumped into who told me to stick at regular feeds in the daytime, 3 hourly, even if it means waking my babies. I then get them ready for bed at 7, take them up and sometimes they settle quicker than others but as long as I dream feed them at 11pm I get to sleep a few hours and no matter what feeds have or haven’t happened in the night I start again at 7am, again even if that means waking them up. It seems to have done the trick as they sleep through the night/go straight back to sleep after night feeds. Also I’d recommend gro bags after your babies stop needing swaddling as this will mean more sleep too, kicking off covers causes sleepless nights.
What advice would you give about breast/bottle feeding: My advice for Breastfeeding twins would be to believe in yourself, express daily to encourage milk flow and not to listen to anyone who tries to deter you from exclusively breast feeding your twin babies, it’s possible! (And lots of twin mums manage it contrary to a lot of peoples belief)
Best bargain: My best bargain would be a skip hop activity gym for £3!!! It’s been pre-loved by twins and mine are currently loving it 🙂
Best thing about having twins: Best thing about having twins is that they have each other. Watching them grow and interact together is a special experience.
Funniest thing the twins have done: The funniest thing my twins have done is land themselves in a top UK drama.
I love Twickenham Twins’ Club because… I have met lots of lovely twin mums who are understanding, knowledgeable and supportive 🙂