Twins Required for Language Development Study

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue. I am a student at the University of Lincoln studying Psychology Bsc. Hon. During the summer I am taking part in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme (UROS) undertaking a research project on behalf of the University regarding language development in twins and multiples.

I am interested in recruiting parents from your twins and multiples group as part of my study. The age ranges of children required are 9, 12 & 18 months of age. My research is an extension of the UK-CDI project which aims to produce a standard language assessment measure within Britain to be used by health care professionals, such as speech and language therapists. The Uk-CDI will be the first comprehensive overview of UK children’s first stages in language development used in this country. Please find further details at My aim is to find out whether twins and multiples develop language at similar rates to single birth children.

As an identical twin myself I find the study of twins fascinating. I would very much appreciate you advertising my study to your members. The procedure requires parents to complete a form about the words and gestures that their child understands and/or uses at that time. If you did choose to advertise my study to your members could you ask them to contact me directly rather than completing the form on the website.

In exchange parents will receive a summary of their children’s words on a laminated word cluster diagram. Furthermore, if parents have any questions of me regarding my experiences of growing up as a twin I would be more than happy to speak to them.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me, Rosie Duncan, or my supervisor Dr. Kerstin Meints.

My phone number – 01529 488166

Kerstin Meints – 01522 886474,